Whispers of our old town

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This guide has become possible because of the dedicated work of ms Anna Choina, Greek philology teacher, who wrote all the manuals and mr Nikolaos Vranos, English teacher, who built this site and translated in English all the material you can find on this page.

The material was produced while the lyceum of Katsikas Ioanninon took part in the Erasmus+ programme which followed Jewish legacy throughout Europe. We hope our work will help people comprehend the complex and tragic history of our local Jewish community.

We are greatly indebted to the Ioannina Israelite Community and especially its President, Dr Moses Elissaf and its Secretary General, Ms Alegra Matsa, who opened their homes and hly places to us and helped make possible this project. We are also indebted to the Ioannina Jews who survived the Holocaust and talked to us, thus providing us with an extremely powerful view of times and people gone.

Nikolaos Vranos, Principal of Katsikas Lyceum July 2016

The material and website

> Teacher manual "Whispers of our old town"
> map "Whispers of our old town"
> Website ,,Whispers of our old town" - Teacher
> Website ,,Whispers of our old town" - Student
There`s coming soon a mobile app with the guide through the Jewish quarter in Ioannina ,,Wisherps of our old town"!