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Today the students met in school at 8.15 o clock. We have done the daily prayer at the playground. We wait until 8.45, when the bus arrived and left the school. On our bus trip we heard typical Greece music. For example the “Syrtaki”. At 9.30 we arrived in Metsovo. Furthermore we walk to a hotel and a winery. In the hall of the hotel we watched the movie “kisses to the children”. The plot of the movie was about Jewish children in the time of the German occupation. The documentary shows five Greek contemporary witness, which talk about their experiences during the 2nd world war. In the documentary, there was although some original film-material. There were five international groups of students and every group has a special view on one of these five Greek Jews. After the movie and a small break we go upstairs and the students have to work at a workshop about the movie. The task was that every group must write a short text in the view if the person, who take the jewish child to their home. Then when all groups have finished, they presented their work in front of the other group and the teachers. After that Leon present his results of his essay. The difference between original film-material and reenacted scenes. The pupils and teachers were supposed to answer some questions. When Leon has finished we had a great meal with different courses. Then we had free time until the bus arrived. The bus trip to Ioannina was very long. In the evening all students from all nations met at a restaurant. There we had lunch and after that we were able to dance some traditional Greek dances. And so the day ends.

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Workshop Gruppenarbeit.jpg Workshoparbeit Metsovo