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Workshop to the film "Kisses to the children"

The documentary presents 5 real people, five Greek Jews. These 5 Greek Jews narrate incidents from their lives in which other people, not Jews, are involved. Based on these pieces of information provided by Greek Jews of the documentary: write a narrative text of about 150 words, in the first person, in which you get in place of the people and talk about the Greek Jews you knew.

Ergebnisse der Workshoparbeit in Metsovo

Workshop Metsovo Ergebnis 1

Gruppe 1 Mario from Athens talks about the doorman in the block of flats where he lived.

Information which he provides

  • he had a close relationship with his grandfather, he felt safe with him
  • his family had dales identities issued to save their lives
  • the family was rich, the father was a merchant, they had a carefree life, did not feel racially discriminated at all
  • himself, his mother, his brothers and sisters went to the countryside and hid in a peasants`house; the father was caught by the Germans
  • "the family welcomed us warmly", "fear always existed", "mother cried without stopping", "we were children of the city, and we were in the countryside, a completely different world"
  • One day mother goes to Athens, the doorman whre they lived gave her a message from father: "2/4/1944. Today we left with the trains. Sam, Esther, Rena, Daddy ... we are all well ... kisses, see you soon. Kisses to the children." He never saw his father and his other relatives again.
The Task

My name is N.P. and I was the doorman of Marios` family ...

how he characterizes the family - how Marios` family lived - what he thought when they left - how the note got to him - how the woman reacted when she took the note - how he feels about the family - what his relationship with the family is today

Workshop Metsovo Ergebnis 9.jpg

Gruppe 2 Eftychia from Ioannina talks about "aunt" Maria, in whose house she was hiding.

Information which she provides

  • father is a merchant, he learns about the danger while on a trip to Salonika and sends the children to Athens secretly
  • "I felt uprooted", "I missed everything, Ioannina, my uncles and aunts", "I became emotional at nights, I cried, I didn`t tell anyone" and "to me Ms Themis was always the aunt", "these people never showed fear or anxiety", "the people who saved us never said a word, this is the greatness of humans"
  • once the parents came to Athens, they hid in another house, "from time to time we two went to see them, once we were lost and did not ask questions because we did not want to tell names"
  • "after the liberation we did not believe what he were told about Auswitch"
The Task

My name is Themis P. and during the German occupation I had Eftychia and her little sister in my house, so that the Germans would not find them ...

Description of Eftychia - how Eftychia came to her house - why she helped them - what she felt - in what condition were the girls while they were in her house - what is their relationship today?

Workshop Metsovo Ergebnis 8.jpg

Gruppe 3 Shelly from Salonika talks about her friend.

Information which she provides

  • the Germans come to Salonika and they order that Jews give their properties, she has a doll, a little blanket for the doll and a living room, she gives them to her friend when she leaves for Athens
  • she is sent to Athens with her sister with false identity cards, by train, they feel fear during their trip, terror, one night there is identity check, she tells the conductor her real name as she was still half-asleep, "but the train conductor was either in it or he just pretended he did not hear her"
  • the parents come to Athens too, they change 17 homes to hide, the girls do the outdoor chores
  • some thugs threaten the father that they will turn him in if he doesn`t give them 100 gold sovereigns
  • 23 members of her family died
The task

My name is Maria P. and I was Shelly`s childhood friend in Salonika ..."

How I met Shelly - Shelly`s character - when she gave me the doll - what I learned about her and how - when and how we met again - our relationship today

Workshop Metsovo Ergebnis 5.jpg

Gruppe 4 Josef from Chania talks about his nanny, Athena.

Information which he provides

  • well-off family, the father is a "bon viveur", mum plays the piano
  • he is sent to Athens with his nanny, Athena
  • "I was hooked on Athena`s clothes", "Athena was my protector, my reference point", beofre he slept he would shout: "Athena, do you love me? Get me a glass of water", "Athena was spoiling me, I didn`t wonder where my parents were."
  • in a picture with Athena, they both seem proud to have their picture taken together
  • Athena also presented him as her child, favourite song was "people say that the poor have no soul ..."
  • "for many years i wondered if i had been told the truth about Athena and if she actually was my real mother"
  • A friend from Chania is lost with many other Jews who were brought to Athens by the Germans with the ship Tanais which was attacked by a british submarine

The Task

My name is Athena and I was Jozef`s nanny in Chania ..."

Description of Jozef - life in Chania - the voyage to Athens - Jozef in Athens - her feelings about Jozef - what their relationship is now

Workshop Metsovo Ergebnis 6.jpg

Gruppe 5 Rosina from Salonika talks about Karakotsos`son, in whose house she was hiding.

Information which she provides

  • carefree childhood years
  • after the ghetto: "we were given signs", "the star distinguished me, I felt discomfort", "I was separated from my friend Maria", "I cried when I got to school, it was very far from the ghetto"
  • they hide at doctor Karakotsos` house in the middle of salonika for 548 days
  • from the window they saw their grandmother walking to her deportation to the death camps, "my father sacrificed the older generation to save the next generation"
  • the house whre they hid "total silence", "no music, we did not shout, we did not act crazy while playing, we did not hear ourselves", "every day was a life gain, it was valuable"
  • I played with my little sister and Karkotsos` son, I used to write the chronicle
The Task

My name is Kostas Karakotsos and in our house hid rosina and her family during the occupation time ...

How I met her - What we did without them - What they did while we were away from home - everyone at home - what our relationship is today

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