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3. Schulaufgabe: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gefahren in der Schule: Mobbing

Schüler gegen Mobbing

Handreichung der Schulberatung Bayern

Information des Kultusministeriums


Hilfreiche Websites:

Living Together

Sign Language

E-Mail to Darren

Hi Darren,

how is your arm? Does your head still hurt? If it doesn't and you feel bored lying in bed all day, I have an idea to pass the time. You should watch "Timeless," which is an exciting TV show on Netflix. In it there is a team of three people who travel back in time to stop Flynn, the bad guy, who wants to change history. In order to do that they have to know much about the past, which is why they have Lucy who is a history profesor. Wyatt, another member of the team, is a soldier, whose job it is to protect them from Flynn. And of course, there's the guy who pilots the time machine. That's Rufus, and he is not very happy about travelling to the past because as an African American man there are hardly any times in US history when his people were treated fairly. I don't want to tell you much more, so I won't spoil your fun. But I think it's the most interesting and entertaining TV series I have seen in a long time. Let me know if you liked it.

Get well soon!


Souvenirs of London

  • Going shopping
  • Buying a game for a girl
  • Ceri's souvenirs
  • Gareth's souvenirs
  • Getting caught
  • The investigation
  • Gareth, you are stupid



For lesson on March 19, 2019

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