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Kurse zur Selbstverteidigung bei N. Klement

Lösungen der Schulaufgaben

E1 (04.12.2018)

Reading comprehension

1. People respected Merlin's opinions./Arthur was safe at Sir Ector's castle/December 25 the noblemen met in London

2. January 1

3. frightened/scared/proud

4. a) .....but he loved him like a son b)...because God wanted it and it was Arthur's duty c)...because he broke it in a fight with Sir Pellinore

6. The Lady of Lake's present is extraordinary because its a beautiful sword with an great scabbard which has magical powers. The person who wears the scabbard won't lose any blood if they are injured in a fight

Englisch in Use

1. is/bought/since/has been reading/for/told/were/forgot/is going/Do...have/haven't eaten/since/has cooked/Have...had/eat/haven't had/since/made

2. is talking/has never been interviewed/were/came/was given/didn't go/was sitting/heard/ ran/was almost run/were being carried/have been given

E1 (Nachschrift)

Reading comprehension

1. 28

2. No students would have died because October 22 was the first day of the holidays.

3. heavy rain - spoil came loose- spoil ran down the hillside- mud hit the school and filled the classrooms

4. They heard a loud noise which got louder and they they found themselves covered in mud. They saw their friends being dead which was a horrible experience.

5. Mothers were frightened/they didn't wait for the tools.../they couldn't find any children in the afternoon

6. for a week/230/7-10 years old

7. People are afraid to go to sleep when it's raining/they leave the doors of bedrooms open, so they can run out fast

English in Use

1. was talking/visited/was/had died/since/has been looking/for/is reading/don't go/have been/since/wrote/showed/have been offering/ hasn't found

2. a) Ceri has been taught about...by Owen's mum b) The American Morgans were invited ....by the Welsh Morgans c) Gareth and Ceri will be taken...by the bus. d) Cardiff is visited by many tourists every year. e) Cerise's is being shown the way to the ....by a tour guide

E2 (12.02.2019)

English in Use

1. Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus can easily find out information about the Norman Conquest in 1066/William sailed fast from France to England, so he could fight against Harold for the throne of England./The Lifeboat team often travels in their time machine back to the past/They have tried to catch Flynn for a year but he is always faster than they are

2. found out/had been teaching/had told/had been/became/went/looked/had hidden/had been waiting/could tell/had given

3. although/visit-go to/on/'s/Battle/made/Then/French



E2 (Nachschrift)

English in Use

1. went/had never been/didn't buy/had ordered/arrived/saw/had been waiting/met/hadn't seen/had been walking/had forgotten/ran/got/had been taken

2. Mary always listens to music in the living room after doing her homework./Last night the coach stopped slowly in front of the school after a long trip at 8 o'clock./Mary has been going swimming at the swimming pool in the recreation center since she was four

3. sorry/so/French OR Norman/in/am looking/mustn't



E3 (28.05.2019)

English in Use

1. her/then/herself/they/their/yourselves/our/I/myself/himself/themselves/it

2. Jake wants Jessie to order.../Karen brought a book from home not to be.../Jessie asks where to find...

3. allwowed-able/going-to go/because-although/before-after/has moved-moved/volcanos-volcanoes

4. (-)/herself/ourselves/each other/each other/(-)


1. population/purpose/bake/missror/avalanche/steam

2. You're welcome

3. tent, whistle, waterproof jacket etc.

E3 (Nachschrift)

English in Use

1. her/then/herself/they/their/yourselves/our/I/myself/himself/themselves/it

2. have been -are/an-a volcanologist/work-works/forgetted-forgotten/before-after/understanding- to understand/also-although

3. Jessie wants Eddie to explain.../This book tells you how to explain.../Remember to check...

4. (-)/(-)/each other/herself/each other


1. photographer/trails/wildlife OR wilderness/whistle/rain OR waterproof/baked/disappeared

2. ash, rocks, smoke, steam etc.

Gefahren in der Schule: Mobbing/CyberMobbing

Living Together

Sign Language

E-Mail to Darren

Hi Darren,

how is your arm? Does your head still hurt? If it doesn't and you feel bored lying in bed all day, I have an idea to pass the time. You should watch "Timeless," which is an exciting TV show on Netflix. In it there is a team of three people who travel back in time to stop Flynn, the bad guy, who wants to change history. In order to do that they have to know much about the past, which is why they have Lucy who is a history profesor. Wyatt, another member of the team, is a soldier, whose job it is to protect them from Flynn. And of course, there's the guy who pilots the time machine. That's Rufus, and he is not very happy about travelling to the past because as an African American man there are hardly any times in US history when his people were treated fairly. I don't want to tell you much more, so I won't spoil your fun. But I think it's the most interesting and entertaining TV series I have seen in a long time. Let me know if you liked it.

Get well soon!


Souvenirs of London

  • Going shopping
  • Buying a game for a girl
  • Ceri's souvenirs
  • Gareth's souvenirs
  • Getting caught
  • The investigation
  • Gareth, you are stupid





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