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== Klausur 11/1 ==

== Books ==

Arthur Miller "The Crucible"

ISBN 978-3060334421

Price: 7.99 €

Words in Context

ISBN 978-3-12-519945-3

Price: 16.99 €


The American Dream is a core US value about equal opportunity based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence which most Americans believe in it. (Connect sentences using relative clauses, especially when the relative clauses includes information about the aspect in the main clause; Mention everything on one aspect before you turn to a new aspect. Don't jump back and forth) As a consequence (connectives!!!) many (many = countable, much= uncountable) immigrants come to the United States because they want to attain the American Dream. This means that people want (want is ALWAYS followed by an infinitive, e.g. "He wants him to go to the USA") to become rich and enjoy the freedom of a democracy. In order to achieve the dream, they must work hard for this, sacrifice a lot and take risks. (Link the sentences!!) Although the dream promises a better life, many people don’t achieve the dream because there is discrimination which results in a big gap between the rich and the poor. The wealthy ("They"- it's not clear who "they" is. Be specific and avoid repetition. Use synonyms to achieve this) can afford to send their kids to good schools, so they get a good education which enables them to get a well-paid job. (Explain it, so somebody who has no background knowledge can follow your train of thought, too) It seems that the American Dream is really just a dream for most American.


Watch the video History of Immigration to the United States and fill in the WORKSHEET

Watch the South Park episodes in ENGLISH (Icon below the screen which looks like a little boat lets you change to English- then "save" your choice)

== Cartoon Analysis ETHNIC DIVERSITY ==

Here you can find cartoon which you can analyze:

== GUN VIOLENCE in the USA ==

John Oliver on the NRA


South Park Trapped in the Closest Please watch in ENGLISH: Below the screen there is an icon which lets you choose between ENGLISH and GERMAN!

John Oliver on "Televangelists"

== ORALS 2020 ==

QUIZLET to revise topics and information for orals


  • Einstimmung Kandidat A auf Cartoon: 1.30 Min.
  • Beschreibung und Interpretation des Cartoons: 3 Min.
  • Einstimmung Kandidat B auf Cartoon: 1.30 Min.
  • Beschreibung und Interpretation des Cartoons: 3 Min.


  • Einstimmungszeit: 2 Min.
  • Gesprächszeit: 5 Min.


In this cartoon by Dave Granlund you can see a huge billboard on which there is the picture of Martin Luther King. King was an African- American Baptist preacher from the Deep South of the United States who became active in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. After Rosa Parks had refused to give up her seat for a white man on a segregated bus in Montgomery/Alabama in 1955, King helped to organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott which resulted in a verdict by the Supreme Court which ruled segregation on buses to be unconstitutional. This success led the Civil Rights Movement planning other forms of non-violent protest, such as sit-ins an rallies. One of the most famous rallies took place in August of 1963 when people from all walks of life marched on Washington to hear leaders of the movement speak. On that day King delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial his famous speech: “I have a dream”, in which he dreams of a world in which all Americans, no matter their ethnic or social background, can live together peacefully and equally. Granlund refers to this speech in his cartoon by writing the title on the billboard although a lonely ladder and a pot of colour show that the painter hasn’t finished yet. This unfinished state of the billboard should represent that King’s dream is indeed not finished yet- in other words, it hasn’t been achieved yet. People from minorities, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims etc. still have to fight for equal opportunities in the United States. And almost every day people are faced with discrimination and racism which seems to be on the rise since President Trump’s sometimes intolerant remarks give people the impression that they can show intolerance towards other people without any serious repercussions. The cartoonist wants to remind people that King’s dream is something they should aim for, so that black and white children can finally sit peacefully together at the table of brotherhood.

You could add information about

  • American dream
  • Declaration of Independence which King refers to in his speech
  • Barack Obama as first African American president seemed to be the wish-come-true for the Civil Rights Movement etc.

== HOW TO ==


Useful Phrases


March 2, 2020: Julian

March 9, 2020: Jonas

March 16, 2020: Hannah (MUST BE on Monday!)

March 23, 2020: Katharina

March 30, 2020: Mara

April 20, 2020: Guilia

News presentation gives information on THREE important news items from the English speaking world. If the news is of global relevance you may include it in your presentation. The presentation should be no longer than 5-8 minutes and include pictures. DO NOT read out information!!!

You might find these websites useful for your research.



CBS News

USA Today

New York Times

Great Britain

London Times

The Guardian



General news

Sydney Morning Herald


General news

CTV News television

Ottawa Citizen

Grammar Exercises


s-or of-genitive





Mixed Tenses

Simple Past vs. Present Perfect

Reported Speech

Reported Speech 2

Reported Speech 3

Reported Speech 4

Things to keep in mind when answering questions

  • ONLY information from the text
  • Use the question to start out with your answer
  • Go from general statements to more specific information
  • Explain the links (DO NOT just list aspects)
  • Pay attention to sentence cohesion (link the text logically, use connectives)

Here you can find list of connectives

List without German translation


Englisch Hilfen

  • When you quote, use "...." and give the line where to find the quotation in the text

OTHER Useful Stuff

Here you can find some useful information on writing a comment [1]

You can find additional information in your book on pages 268/269

Useful transitions between the different parts of your comments [2]

The website ego4u [3] provides ample possibilities for you to practise your English (grammar, vocabulary etc.)

Useful phrases for different occasions English conversation phrases

Voice opinions Agreeing and disagreeing

Sentence Cohesion Linking ideas and arguments

Sentence Cohesion Conjunctions and fill words