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4. Schulaufgabe: June 4, 2019 (Listening Comprehension, English in Use, Vocabulary, Mediation)



  • Riley wore a hat
  • Katy was helpful to Riley
  • Riley ate candy

  • She pulled his arm
  • He's a little deaf
  • He uses sign language

  • Riley can understand Katy because he can read her lips when she looks at him.

  • You can go to a shop
  • You can eat at a restaurant
  • Yo can go ice skating

  • 4pm
  • music shop, bookshop, sports shop
  • nothing
  • George


  • because
  • There they saw George who was talking on his phone.... but. he wasn't happy....
  • If
  • Although
  • so/so that

  • have gone=went
  • Their= There
  • Behind = After
  • must picked= must pick
  • Its=It's
  • were= was

  • watched
  • bigger/smaller
  • too
  • Riley's
  • for
  • at

  • visited
  • told
  • Have you been
  • haven't
  • has lived
  • have already sent
  • have never gone
  • visited
  • was
  • saw


  • sunscreen, hiking boots, bottle of water, rain jacket etc.

  • Something yo need to do something

  • guide dog
  • glasses
  • tidy
  • explorer
  • to cry


Write a story about your trip to the summer camp in the Alps.

The following information MUST be part of your text:

  • Good weather
  • Hiking tour
  • “Ouch!“
  • General information about camp
  • Blind girl

Last year I went to Camp Green in the Alps in the summer holidays. It was fantastic because there you can do lots of interesting activities: you can go swimming in the lake, hiking in the mountains, play tennis and soccer, or you can sit around the campfire in the evening and listen to ghost stories.

I had a really good time until one day. At first it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so we decided to go hiking in the mountains. My friend Sally, who is blind, and her guide dog Hannibal came with us. We had such a lot of fun because our leader showed us some cool flowers and trees, and Sally told us her best jokes. I had such a good time but then Hannibal started barking. "Stop it Hannibal, what is going on?" Sally asked. Then I saw a squirrel in the forrest that the dog was barking at. "He is seeing a squirrel, Sally," I told her. Suddenly Hannibal started running and chased the stupid squirrel, but I was in his way, so he ran into me and I fell. "Ouch!" I shouted and then everything was black.

Later on I woke up in a hospital. My head hurt very much and my arm was broken. Stupid squirrel. Stupid Hannibal!

  • Structure your text (roter Faden/logische Reihenfolge)
  • Your story must answer the wh-questions (where, when, who, what, why)
  • Use adjectives to add details
  • Use connectives (and, or, but, so/so that, because, although, suddenly, then, after that, at first etc.)
  • Add direct speech "..."
  • Avoid (=Vermeide) short sentences (nur wenn du Eile ausdrücken möchtest, kannst ein paar kurze Sätze hintereinander reihen)



  • A2
  • G3
  • B4
  • E5


  • 1. FALSE (must be 12 or older)
  • 2. TRUE
  • 3. FALSE (walking is training too)
  • 4. FALSE (never run)
  • 5. FALSE (never wear new shoes)


  • 1. Before you start training
  • 2. if there is any small problem

BEACHTE!!! Beim Beantworten mit GANZEN Sätzen achte darauf, nicht mit "because" anzufangen. Verwende einen Teil der Frage, um deine Antwort zu beginnen!



Go to Socrative and use room MUELLER5843 to get to the quiz about Halloween!

Have Fun!


People at school

  • who
  • whose
  • who
  • who
  • whose
  • who
  • which
  • which

A sad story

It's about a young girl who's parents died when she was three years old. She's a brave girls who always tries to do her best. But the people she lives with aren't always nice to her. And nothing she does is good enough for them.


  • This is the photo of our assembly (which) Luke (S) took.
  • There are lots of school clubs (which) the students (S) can join.
  • Basketball is a popular game (which) boys and girls (S) play at TTS.


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